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Windows Embedded Operating System Design - 3 days

  • Platform builder
  • Debugging techniques
  • Device driver development

Use Visual Studios platform builder to design Windows Embedded operating systems. This is a three day course during which participants will master some of the most common task of operating system design, device driver development and debugging techniques. At the end of the course, participants will be knowledgeable in operating system customization using Platform Builder, participants will be able to develop basic device drivers and use different debugging techniques to solve common problems. This course is on an advanced level which assumes participants being knowledgeable in software design, operating system concepts and in programing languages C and C++

Windows Embedded Operating System Design

24 950 SEK3 days

Developing software for Linux - 3 days

  • Application development
  • Device driver development
  • Development of system architecture

Developing software for Linux - application development, device driver development and development of a system architecture. This is a three day course, and each day we will complete one of the three topics. We will mix theoretical lecturing with hands on development. The goal at the end of the course is to have equipped the participants with introductory knowledge of developing software for Linux. Programing language C will be used in examples and in hands on training. This course requires participants to be knowledgeable in C.

Developing Software for Linux

21 950 SEK3 days