Make sure you start off your project in the best way. Let us help you!

Let our knowledge make your product development project successful

Depending on your needs and the end goal of the project we at software4devices can help you select the most suitable hardware, operating system and development tool-chain.

The specific goal  with your project will obviously affect the type of hardware you should start off with, and it will also affect the final hardware at the end of the project. Hence, making the right decisions here will both save you time and money.

An even more complex decision you will have to make pertains to which operating system you should use. This will affect many things; not only the programing language and tool-chain. Knowledge of this is key for a successful project.

Even after you have limited your options regarding tool-chain by having selected operating system, there are still important decisions to make.

Our experience is that the most successful projects are always preceded by a investigation phase that identifies key project risks and mitigates some of these through pre-studies and proof of concepts.

We can help you with identifying project risks and we can also help you to cancel them out by making pre-studies and implementing proof of concepts. Furthermore we will contribute with our experience, gained from product development projects from some of Sweden's premier technology companies.