Take advantage of our expert knowledge in embedded operating systems

Take advantage of our deep expertise in embedded operating systems, including Android, Embedded Linux, Windows Embedded and custom operating systems. We have for instance designed and customized Android, Embedded Linux, Windows CE and Windows Embedded Compact 7 to fit the needs of our customers' embedded device projects.


Windows Embedded

Microsoft  offers a range of embedded operating systems. Some of the benefits include:

    • A well integrated development environment using Visual Studio and the possibility to use a high-level language such as C# will give your software developers a flying start.
    • Microsoft is a legal entity which simplifies the fulfillment om regulatory requirements which is of great importance in the medical device industry.

At software4devices we have experience of operating system design on Windows Embedded operating systems through real-life product projects.

software4devices is a Windows Embedded Partner and offers services, solutions and training on Windows Embedded technology. Windows Embedded’s partner program represents an ecosystem of technology partners that includes OEMs, distributors, solution providers, silicon vendors, training partners and more. The partnership enables us to bring premium solutions and expert knowledge to our customers.



Even if you are not developing a phone or a tablet, Android might be the right choice for you. Android is often a highly suitable choice for any device requiring  a screen interface. If you choose Android for your device, you can look forward to:

    • The well documented API's, the use of JAVA as a high-level language, and of course the Android application framework, will all contribute to making application development a breeze.
    • The Android and Linux open source communities are very powerful resources not only for information but also for open source software developed by the communities, which can be a great time saver in software  development. Android runs on top of the Linux kernel which means that you, among other things, also will benefit from fast moving kernel and driver development. Being able to use a pre-developed driver for your device will save a lot of time.

software4devices has been a part of developing the Android operating system through one of our customers, specifically Android Ice cream sandwich and Android Gingerbread. This insight in the inner workings of Android and our solid Linux knowledge makes us a premier service provider for Android enabled devices.


Embedded Linux

Embedded Linux comes in a myriad of distributions which in turn will have to be customized to fit your device. Talk to us and we can give you valuable input to which Linux distribution to start off with as well as we can help you with the customization of the operating system, making it your own Linux flavor. Embedded Linux is suitable both for headless devices and devices with a screen interface. Its possible to create rich user interfaces on Embedded Linux by using the Qt graphics framework. Some of the benefits of Embedded Linux include:

  • Your software development team is not alone; they have the Linux developer community backing them up with information and open source software which will be a great resource during software development.
  • The open source community has a track record of quickly making the Linux kernel support new peripherals, protocols and IPs faster than any other operating system. Usually hardware vendors soon have a Linux distribution running on their new hardware.
  • If being at the absolute fore front of hardware technology development is important to you, and you want full customizabilty, complete control, a small footprint and high performance, then Embedded Linux should be a top candidate as operating system for your embedded device.

One of software4devices's core competences is embedded Linux systems.

Custom or proprietary operating systems

In some cases writing your own operating system might be the right choice, for instance when your device is simplistic with only one to a couple of tasks to perform. Even in this case it can be hard to motivate writing your own operating system; a big risk is that the tasks of the device will grow as time passes, rendering your operating system unfit for its tasks, or that the complexity of developing the operating system is underestimated.

In some cases you might find that proprietary operating systems for a third party vendor will fit your device perfectly. The obvious downside of this choice is that you will often be in the hands of your supplier. Moreover, this can become an expensive and time consuming choice should you need features that are not included in the proprietary operating system.

If you find yourself in the situation of thinking about writing your own operating system or using a proprietary operating system, make sure that there is a good understanding within the project of the risks with such a choice.

Use our expert knowledge when it comes to choosing the right embedded operating system for your device!