Let us kick-start your embedded device project!

We have a track record of successful customer projects

We have a track record of successfully helping our customers with their embedded device projects. You can learn more about our latest projects to the right.

We are used to helping our customers reach their specific goals. In some cases, this means starting off with an evaluation board and ending up with a finished product. In other cases, this means starting off with an idea and ending up with a prototype or a proof of concept.

We are well prepared to deliver high-end solutions to your project. We have worked with some of Sweden's largest technology companies helping them develop market leading products. We have extensive experience of embedded device projects. We know the road to success but we are also aware that there are many pitfalls along it.

We are a small company great at what we do, but we are made even greater through our partners and our involvement in the development community/maker community. Our firm belief is that collaboration is the way forward.

We can offer a wide range of services for embedded device development throughout your project, including:

              •  Pre-studies
              • Selection of hardware platform
              • Operating system customization and development
            • Driver development
            • Application development
            • Training and support

Not only will we kick-start your project, we will also see it through to completion - all depending on your needs - either at your site or independently.

Starting Off

Make sure you start off your project in the best way, let us help you!

Operating Systems

Take advantage of our knowledge of embedded operating systems

Computer Circuit Board
Software Development

Software developers with an agile mindset and excellent technical skills

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